The Poppins Clause

Everyone makes mistakes, even us. Occasionally we've been hoodwinked into thinking a film was science fiction, and then after careful deliberation we discover it actually isn't.

To help weed out these imposters we look to the Poppins Clause that states that any film where fantastatical elements are presented without explanation or grounding in the world must be considered fantasy.

The clause takes its name from Chris's favourite film Mary Poppins to remind him that however much he likes it we just can't watch it.

Here's a list of every film we have failed to rank so far due to the Poppins Clause:

0051 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Everyone enjoyed Robert Zemeckis' love letter to animation, but sadly no explanation was offered as to why Toon Town existed in the real world, and the whole thing turned out to be one big Acme barrel of Poppins.

0053 - The Incredible Mr. Limpet

This unusual movie about a man who turns into a cartoon fish made zero effort to create anything resembling a coherent world, leaving us with no choice but to slap Poppins on the side of this rotten film.

0091 - K-PAX

K-PAX was looking set for the very bottom of the list but luckily for Spacey and Co. this insipid and nonsensical attempt to make us think turned out to actually display zero signs of science fiction whatsoever (spoiler).